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Dear kitty.. thoughts on the modelling industry 

Dear kitty… my problems with the modelling industry, 
Technically I would be classed as ‘plus size’ as a size 10 although I eat very healthily and am a healthy weight. I do not think labels are appropriate for anyone especially if you are a healthy weight. The most common size in the uk is a 16 so why are models forced to be so ridiculously underweight? 

It is so demoralising for young people who will be trying to find themselves, they do not need this extra added pressure of feeling like they have to be very very skinny. Many models are not healthy weights unfortunately and the modelling industry seems to encourage this which disgusts me. No one should be made to loose weight so they can fit into a ludicrous and barbaric sizing policy. Not to mention the trauma in terms of mental health that these models endure through this treatment. Younger models especially might not think they have any choice to get their foot in the door in terms of career opportunities. 
Many models seem to be encouraged to eat very little a few days or a week before a runway show or photo shoot. This is not right at all. No photo or event is worth Human beings having to starve themselves or eat very little. This should not be allowed full stop. The news that a 14 year old Russian model died recently in Shanghai because she felt she couldn’t take time of work to go to the hospital truly disgusted me, it was not in the uk but I think it exposes a dark modelling underworld. The girl was very young too, it isn’t fair that models are manipulated by the industry. The fact that someone felt like she couldn’t even go to the hospital disgusts me to the core. No one should be made to feel like this, especially not a young, vulnerable girl. 
Models are not being treated like humans, they are being treated like objects which can be manipulated at someone’s will, if they want to loose weight or such. This isn’t treating models like humans they are. We should be happy with our bodies even for our weaknesses, modelling industries shouldn’t have the right to classify what is an ‘ideal body’ when everyone is different and has different body types. We should be celebrating our differences rather than striving to be something which isn’t healthy in the first place.
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My favourite murder mystery Tv shows 

Poirot. Such a classic Tv show but so easy to watch with such clever story lines and fascinating characters. I also love the books themselves! 

Sherlock is one of my favourite Tv shows of all time and I also love the books too. I love the fact it is set in the modern world, it gives a new twist to a well established series of books/ films. Benedict plays Sherlock to perfection with his established mannerisms and personality with Martin Freeman as an equally amazing Watson. 

Murdoch mysteries is a very easy to watch programme with a variety of interesting characters including Dr Julia Ogden as a smart, sassy and independent doctor in the early 1900’s. It’s such an enjoyable, evening programme to watch. 

Twin peaks. Although it can be an odd show in parts, it truly is such an interesting watch! It has some very iconic characters with very specific personalities, damn fine coffee anyone? It is a very good one to watch though! My favourite character has to be Cooper, he is a very fascinating character to watch 

Ripper street. A series set just after the Ripper murders with the force terrified of a repeat. A series which is very dark in parts but is a very interesting insight into the police in the late 19th century. The character of Edmund Reid really fascinates me and his quest to find his daughter which is solved in the later seasons. 

How to get away with murder is a series I have started watching again recently but it is a very interesting one. Especially as I want to study law in the future, I find it interesting watching the stories about the different cases. Especially with the different relationships within the group itself! 
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My all time favourite films 

My favourite films 

I might have mentioned before that I’m a very picky person when it comes to films. If I don’t enjoy a film in the first 10/15 minutes I won’t carry on, unless I specifically want to watch a certain film 

History related! My favourite genre I have to say! 

The Help- a very sad tale but one which is uplifting at the same time. It has to be one of my favourite films of all time. I also really enjoyed reading the book! 

The imitation game- one of my all time favourite films!! 

Young Victoria. Such a sweet film! 

Bitter Harvest. A very sad yet enlightening film which also has Max Irons in it.. 

The theory of everything. One one of my all time favourite films, such a heartwarming story. It truly shows you despite the odds, if you work hard you can achieve what you want to. 

Made in Dagenham. A film about a very important campaign for equal rights and pay of women working in the Dagenham factory. 

Star Trek. I prefer Star Trek to Star Wars personally as I think it reflects the possibility of humanity in the future. 

Paul. A very funny comedy, sci-fi film! 

Super-8. A very cute story but also such a great film. 
I’d give it a year- such a funny film if you have a dark sense of humour like me. A film you can watch again and again. 

College road trip. A feel good funny film which reminds me a bit of my Mum’s attitude to university open days! 

St Trinians 1&2. Very funny, easy to watch! 
James Bond. Very exciting and exhilarating with a variety of interesting bad guys! 
Kingsman 1&2. I love this film series. They are so easy to watch yet so so funny! 
The parent trap- mr favourite film as a 10 year old. It made me really want a twin or to be Lindsay Lohan.. 

Goodbye mr Banks. A wonderful, heart working film 
Larissa xo

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My self care kit 

The days after Christmas before New Year can be a depressing period. The build up to Christmas is over and it can be hard to know what to do in your spare time if you have revision like I do. Here are some of my self care tips for when I feel a bit down. 

Tea- More specifically flavoured teas. My favourites at the moment are Bakewell tart green tea and peppermint green tea 

Tv shows. Especially Tv shows which make me laugh such as an Idiot Abroad. It never fails to make me laugh. 

Dvd’s. I am very picky with films but if I love a film I will have watched it about 15 times! I do try and watch new films every now and again but I do get bored very easily. 

Books. They help me to get engrossed in a story. I find it very relaxing especially if I am in an anxious situation such as on the bus. You could listen to an audiobook alternatively. 

Diary. I find it relaxing to write about my thoughts, activities in a diary. 

Plans. I find making plans for when I feel better helps to focus my mind on feeling better emotionally or physically. It’s so nice to have plans to look forward to especially if you are having a hard time at that moment. 

Cozy clothes as they make me feel more at eased and in a relaxed frame of mind. 

Headphones. Music helps me to become much calmer and to distance myself from life now and again. I like to put an artist or band I like on shuffle as it helps to distance me from a situation. 

Makeup to some extent. It really relaxes me doing my eyeliner in the mornings and putting on lipstick. 

Water and anxiety help help me to feel more relaxed by making me take a few minutes to think about my breathing, go to a quiet place. 
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Xmas gifts- a little something blogmas #5

Xmas gifts
Some more expensive gifts to start of with! 
 Board games such as Monopoly, a great board game for all the family which really does bring out the competitive streak! 
Makeup palette such as naked heat palette 📸got 
A box set such as Game of Thrones or Rome to watch through the Christmas period 

 under £10 

There are various gift sets on offer at different price ranges, you can find a wide variety of them at boots or Superdrug. 

Frame a picture or buy a sentimental painting. I bought this one from Etsy. P.s. can we appreciate how picturesque the snow looks in this picture! 

Veganism t shirt or a t shirt related to someone’s favourite show 📸
Buy a phone or iPad case- Etsy 📸 website? 

Books. There are lots of new books out conveniently for the Christmas period, a great option is Origin by Dan Brown which I have read recently. 

A long awaited DVD e.g. IT. A very long awaited DVD which also has Bill Skarsgard in it, do I need to go on? 

Under £5 
Fluffy socks- Primark for around £2 

Tea/coffee sets are a great option especially if you can get them from a local business 

Syrup for coffee such as hazelnut 📸

Essentials such as scarves, primary is a great place to find these winter essentials! 

Pen holders 

Inscribed chocolate from Thorntons 

Individual brushes from Primark or boots 📸

A jar of positive quotes or your favourite things about someone 

Earrings- Claire’s, Primark 
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More expensive gift ideas Blogmas #3

Some ideas of gift ideas which are a bit more expensive but will give your loved one an experience or a gift to remember. 
An experience. This can be as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it but I think doing an experience with your family will give you better memories than just a present. I think a nice idea would be: going to a go ape experience, going to a theme park, going swimming with sharks (for the brave), going in a helicopter or a tank ( this was a present we gave to my dad one year and he throughly enjoyed it). 

Websites to check out: 
A theatre trip. We are going to the theatre as a family over the Christmas period and I think it is a special present especially if you go rarely as we do. Especially if you see a play or musical you adore and listen to the soundtrack all the time, it makes it all the more special. Check out the website for your local theatre for the festive period or even before New Years as it is nice to have something to look forward to after Christmas. 

A weekend break. This could be at home or abroad but I think it is always nice going to Europe around the festive period, especially with their more specialist Christmas markets! 

Some more luxury jewellery this could be a variety of items but I think a nice watch or necklace is always greatly appreciated!! Oh and you could always check out discount designer outlets for some bargains! 
An example is: 

Jewellery from Gems Tv 


Larissa xo 
P.s. I do not own the rights to any photos 


Recent music favourites blogmas #2 

Some of my favourite, recent music favourites! 

Lemon to a knife fight by the Wombats. This is a very upbeat  song that I’ve been listening to a lot lately! 

Hold me tight or don’t by Fall out Boy- a song with a great tune. 

Peace sign by The Front Bottoms. A very chill and relaxed song but also very catchy. 

Mama’s gun Glass animals. A very chilled out song which becomes very catchy near the beginning. 

Still got blood by the Hunna. A very catchy song with a great tune. It is a very chilled out song. 

I miss you Clean Bandit. A song which is somewhat sad but also very catchy. 

Stranger by Sigrid- A very soleful song I have loved listening to lately 
Beautiful trauma by Pink. A very catchy song but Pink’s typical catchy lyrics 

Learn to let go by Kesha has such a catchy rhythm and tune, it is hard to get out of your head! 

Jess Glynne Don’t be so hard on yourself- a very catchy and uplifting song 
Larissa xo